Monday, April 20, 2009

Haaaayyyy Buhhhaaayyyy

Lately, i admit being too emotional....i only want to listen to sad love songs....maybe because i can relate with the lyrics...but the songs in the cd entitled NINA:featuring the hits of Barry Manilow, Special Limited Edition (which was given to me by a very, very close friend....its original, i proudly say..) really made a mark in my heart..the songs were soulfully sang by Nina...who happens to be one of my fave singers...

the cd... ;-)

Disc 1 includes the following songs:

1. Somewhere Down the Road

2. Even Now

3. One of These Days

4. Weekend in New England

5. If I Should Love Again

Bonus Tracks:

6. What If

7. Someday

8. Collide

9. The Christmas Song

More often than not...everytime i listen to those songs..i cant help myself but friends were likewise asking why am i crying..and they just laugh at me when i answered them that im lestening to Nina's songs...hehehe
I dont know what's the point of sharing this...but i guess...those who really knew me can easily tell what i am feeling...ano nga b? well....