Monday, June 23, 2008

I need to sleep.....

The effects of lack of sleep are profound...sleep deprivation stunts to explore the effects of it which have unanimously led to irritability, lack of concentration, a feeling of distance from the outside world, fear and paranoia, and forgetfulness. It poses the question - in this day and age, who doesn't feel the effects of lack of sleep?

During those past nights...the average hours that i've slept was only about 3 hours! and i really pity myself for being a damn insomniac!...however, this doesn't happened for the first time...i've been in this state for a lot of sad that i'm again sufferring it's adverse effects...:-(

Getting sufficient sleep, at least 8 hours each night is beneficial to both our health and our skin which helps to give an overall improvement to our skin texture and gives it a new glow...while we sleep, our skin is being renewed and restored...some of the stress and harmful effects from daily living is being reversed...but due to lack of sleep, we are depriving our skin of the opportunities for self-renewal...the ill-effects of lack of sleep are most evident on the skin beneath our eyes... this area of the skin here is the most is much, much thinner than the other areas of the skin...lack of sleep leaves behind dark circles, puffy eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles...i've tried using specialised skin care products and treatments which can reverse some of the effects of sleep deprivation...however, eye care products and treatments have limited ability in reducing those puffy eye bags and dark circles...they even cannot reverse all the damage caused by lack of sleep...hence, prevention is still the best approach...

At this very moment...i am hoping for a peaceful, undisturbed and sufficient sleep tonight...not because i really need to sleep...but because i'm afraid that all it's ill-effects will register on my face soon...ahihihi

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