Thursday, January 22, 2009

Highlands Steakhouse at MOA

January 21, 2009...after office babe picked me up and we went to Smart Wireless Center at Mall of Asia...right after that..we stroll around to look for a place to eat...i am really not a choosy person when it comes to foods because i love to when he asked me where i want to eat..i simply answered.."kahit san!"...and so we ended up eating at Highlands Steakhouse...


Upon entering..i feel like i'm in a western movie setting...The resto has a Texan-look including all the likewise have a live band singing country songs...which i really admired since the singer sings very if we're listening to a recorded, old-style plaque... Most of the guests were foreigners...We chose a table on the side...The menu was quite amazing...for the prices can be compared those in a hotel menu!!!

the menu

bread and butter for appetizer

babes' backribs

my order...well-done steak

Yum...yum...yum...if we're gonna rate Highlands Steakhouse...we're gonna give it the following scores...from 1 to 10..10 being the highest:

Foods : 9

Service : 8

Ambiance : 9

CR : 8

Overall : 9

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